Intelligent Power Solutions & LV/MV Switchgear

The iDESo group are the leading specialist in the manufacture of electrical switchgear and provide ‘intelligent distributed energy solutions’ and services to customers worldwide, with a wealth of experience, technical expertise and engineering excellence, its success stems from its strong heritage of UK leading brands, that provide unrivalled support to all its customers worldwide.


Our Brands

Baldwin & Francis

Sheffield (UK) based B&F manufactures electrical switchgear for transport, oil and gas, mining and industrial applications. It is more than 100 years old.


The Igranic brand name is synonymous with high quality power solutions and services to a wide range of industries offering in-house design and supply packages from concept through to completion.


At ALLENWEST we specialise in the design & manufacture of transformers, switchgear, and control-gear. Our AUK electrical distribution ranges are proven technology for the Industrial, Commercial, Mining, and Renewables Industries.

Inspec Solutions is an experienced, highly innovative, independent systems integrator, developing control, safety, automation, and OT/IT software solutions across all sectors.

About iDESo

Energy infrastructure all over the world is ageing, the traditional centralised model of linear power generation is giving way to a more dynamic and diverse infrastructure incorporating renewable and smart grid technologies. Increasingly more complex projects are being commissioned and essential for safety critical infrastructure as technology continues to evolve. The increasing Energy demand and the need to adopt new technologies to reduce carbon emissions are all increasing the expectations of businesses, creating a dynamic and testing environment for industry.

The iDESo Group embraces today’s technology and digital transformation offering a diverse array of intelligent systems and solutions in response to this new dynamic era and the emergence of new technologies throughout the world. The iDESo group continues to evolve and adapt to these emerging trends, Industry 4 and the IIoT are bringing together production and cutting-edge digital technologies that represent a paradigm shift which is revolutionising its portfolio of products and services to its customers. From cloud base solutions and remote I/O networks, all products are designed incorporating the latest technology and online capabilities. Dedicated in house engineering and specialist expertise enables iDESo to interpret the requirements of businesses quickly, leverage the latest technologies and manage more complex transaction types that ultimately drive value and market leading growth.

Our Services

Core products include:

  • LV Switchgear & MCC’s up to 690V comprising the very latest in arc mitigation and containment
  • Fixed / Withdrawable chassis – IEC/EN 61439
  • MV Switchgear & MCC’s – 3.6, 7.2 & 12kV Rated, Fixed-pattern & withdrawable constructions
  • Local Isolation Units, Neutral earthing resistors
  • Containerised Sub stations, signal Power Supplies (PADS Approved)
  • FLP, ATEX Switchgear, VSD’s and Transformers
  • Lighting transformers and intelligent LED solutions
  • PLC, SCADA, DCS Independent Control systems

Core services include:

  • Dedicated in-house After Sales & Support Team – Commissioning / Service & Repair / Installation / Inspection & Testing / Preventative maintenance.
  • LV/HV Installations – HV SAP Authorised engineers & cable jointing up to 11kV.
  • Fully trained product support engineers – PTS/ OLEC/ DCCR and BOSIET / MIST/ COMPEX qualified.
  • 24/7-365 availability for programmed outage works.
  • Service level agreements tailored to suit individual applications and requirements.
  • Feasibility, discrimination, fault level and harmonic studies.
  • Cyber Security and bespoke software systems
Longacre Group

Parent Company

Longacre Group acquires and invests in small and medium sized business-to-business companies across the UK and Europe.

Longacre Group currently consists of nine companies with a combined turnover of over £100 million and c. 600 employees. The companies operate in markets including aerospace, oil and gas, pharma and medical, staffing, packaging, energy, automotive and food and beverage and are typically leaders in their niche.

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